Today was Black Friday and I happened to go to the mall. It wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be, but I happened to go around 12:00pm. I guess all the major sales were in the early morning. I saw that Rue 21 was finally opened for business so I went inside with my mom and my brothers and dad followed with undefinable looks on their faces. It was a clothing paradise. The clothes looked really cute, not babyish. There was a wide range of clothes from sweater dresses to lacy camis and strapless short dresses. There were plenty of shoes, most of them boots. There were also graphic tees. They even had a line called Tarea which had all of the underwear and lingerie. There was a guys side too, but I didn’t really look around over there. At the dressing room the attendants  that show you to a dressing room labeled Princess, Pop star and stuff of that nature. In the end, I got a graphic tee of Beemo from Adventure Time (My fave show), a lacy blue dress with a thin belt and an orange and white striped sweater dress with a thick belt. When I say belt, I mean the kind that cinch on the waist of your dress, not the kind for your pants. It was kinda awkward for me though, because my mom was looking at the underwear and said, “You want this?”, holding a lacy thong. “No no!” I had shouted. I didn’t want to be branded a slut when I change for gym. And there were a bunch of teenagers around, most of them a lot shorter than me. So imagine a tall 12-year-old African-American looming over a bunch of short, fake blonde teenagers who are glaring at you. Trust me, it’s not fun. It was worth it though, because the clothes are amazing, especially if you are not comfortable with going into Hollister or your parents aren’t OK with it. Rue 21 was definitely a great store. Try to go there the next to you go to the mall. 😀 Remember to comment! I wanna hear my few fans opinions. 😉


About sasarahsept

Just your average 13 year old otaku. I like to read and write, and I also enjoy ranting like the b*tch I am.

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