Since it is the holiday season, I decided it would be nice to have a holiday post! Right after Thanksgiving comes Christmas and we have to think up what we want. Sometimes it isn’t easy narrowing down your Christmas list or even thinking up one. So that is why I am here!

Step 1: Brainstorm every possible thing that you want and need. It doesn’t need to be reasonable and you don’t need to really want it. It helps to look up things on Google.

Step 2: Put stars next to the things you really really want and put dots next to the things you kinda want. Don’t mark anything you don’t want that much. It should now be narrowed down to 10-20 items on the list.

Step 3: Check over what is left of your list and make sure there is no more than two expensive items. Your parents most likely won’t buy anything on your list if almost everything is as expensive as an iPod.

Step 4: Neatly copy your top 10-20 items onto a clean paper. Write a title like _____’s Christmas Wish List. Try to make your paper look pretty, like you spent a lot of time it (which you did).

Now all you have to do is hand it to your parents, stick it to your fridge or something of that nature. It might be better to stick it to the fridge as a constant reminder of what you want instead of giving to your parents, since parents easily lose things or forget about stuff. Good luck! Happy Holidays!


About sasarahsept

Just your average 13 year old otaku. I like to read and write, and I also enjoy ranting like the b*tch I am.

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