If you haven’t realized it yet, everyone has an accent. I came to this realization while watching YouTube. There had been a video when a British chick read something in an American accent. I noticed that it was hard for her to say some words, just because she was used to saying them a certain way all her life. If all us Americans went to Great Britain, they’d be saying “You have such a heavy American accent”. We would all be like “Wha???” and… I think you get the point. It it fun pretending to have a different accent but it is not ok to be making fun of someone with a foreign accent. Think about how pissed off you’d feel if you traveled to a different country and they made fun of your accent and the words you said. I’m not trying to be your mom or anything, but it is totes not fair to make fun of something a person can’t change automatically. That’s all I got to say. Peace. 😀


About sasarahsept

Just your average 13 year old otaku. I like to read and write, and I also enjoy ranting like the b*tch I am.

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