I groan as I sit at my desk. I was in 7th period Pre Algebra which had only 11 students and 1 frickin annoying and weird teacher. She said she lived on a mini farm with a donkey, many cats and many dogs but no children even though she looks 50 years old. She even has a clock that meows every hour on the hour. Talk about creepy. She was yelling at me for not correcting my homework. To myself I was thinking, Isn’t that suppose to be your job? That is like half of what you are getting paid for. She put -10 points on my homework for it not being self-corrected. *itch I thought to myself. What another wonderful day as me. (Sarcasm) *sigh* This is obviously not easy for me to remember. It is pretty much as easy as pi. (Which, by the way isn’t easy at all).


About sasarahsept

Just your average 13 year old otaku. I like to read and write, and I also enjoy ranting like the b*tch I am.

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