Here me out when I say this, but bras can be annoying. Not because you have to wear them everyday, because of the drama and heartache they cause. Of course, I am being a bit dramatic. :p If it will help I will tell you a short story of my life that involved bras. I was in the first month of 6th grade and we had to change out for gym. I had no bra and my boobs were SO past the budding stage. They were probably 32a at the time since I am a 32b now. I had my boobs poking through my shirt and one day for gym it was fitness test time. While I was doing situps the girl holding my ankles who was like 13 with HUGE boobs was like, ‘Do you wear a bra?’ I told her no. ‘I was like that when I was your age. You should get one soon.’ Every girl doing the fitness test heard her! I was freaking embarrased if I wasn’t black I would of blushed like crazy. I told my mom that people were starting to notice I had growing boobies and she reluctantly took me bra shopping. (It was WAY overdue. I had breasts when I was 10!). She bought me 3 sports bras. A month later the really hurt my chest so I got size 36 training bras. I am wearing one at the moment. I am still fighting for a padded bra since I am going to 7th grade and I have 32b tits. I think I’ll be able to get some new ones before school starts.

The whole point of this is that it will take time for some moms to get what you think you want or need. And on the other hand some moms will automatically give you it. Here are some tips on persuading mom to buy you some:

  • say your chest is getting bigger and you need support
  • say people are starting to notice your chest
  • say that if you don’t wear a bra you’ll be made fun of
  • tell her if you want a padded bra that training bras are meant for 8 year olds
  • ask her to let you get measured at a place like jcpenney to prove your boobs are big enough to wear bras
  • Look up stuff about it on the internet, it helps

Also you can measure yourself and do the math yourself. To learn how to measure yourself search my first bra the website since I feel lazy. 😀 BUT never use the bra calculators they are usually inaccurate. Happy bra hunting!



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Just your average 13 year old otaku. I like to read and write, and I also enjoy ranting like the b*tch I am.

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