Alright, this is kinda personal. If you aren’t okay with feeling second-hand embarrassment from extremely vague details, you might just want to look away from this. Like now. Also there are time skips and stuff since I never finish writing posts on the same days haha.

I like this guy, right? And last week there was some sort of incident(?) that made my friend think that he liked me back, at least a little. But now, I feel like wishful thinking is a waste of time, and that continuing to worry about this is just wearing down on me.

It’s a few days later. I confessed. The short version of what he said was that we should get to know each other better, so that if we ever got together and had to break up, we wouldn’t hate each other and destroy a friendship. So now I’m left wondering if

a) He actually likes me back


b)He just let me down in the nicest and most misleading way ever.

Would it help to mention that I can’t flirt for my life, and that when I try, I’m not subtle? At all?! This is why people need to be more straight forward with me. Can’t you tell I’m slow?

If you’re still reading this, I’ll just give you a little advice.

It doesn’t take much to actually confess. It’s more of a problem getting yourself mentally prepared for it. So don’t over think it, or you’ll just get frustrated or upset. Just use commonsense, go up to him/her, and say it. At this point, you come to the forked road of either

a) Staying and listening to the reaction


b) Running away in embarrassment.

I seriously advise you not to do b, or you may have just wasted your time.

Good luck other people who attempt doing this, and wish me luck, too, because who knows what happens after this.



Sorry non-existent readers for my 2 year long hiatus >_< I stopped blogging after a while because life changes, and your interests change. I also happen to find it difficult to stick to doing one thing haha. I will start occasionally uploading here. However most of the time, I’ll be at my other blog That Crazy Girl Rants.

Maybelline Baby Lips Review

For Christmas I had asked for a Maybelline Baby Lips in Grape Vine. The package is an aqua color with a clear cover and pink/purple words. It is a deep purple color and smells like those juice boxes in the flavor Very Berry. In other words, it smells like grape juice.

When I put it on, it feels creamy and moisturizing. But when it wipes off, my lips feels like it did before I put it on. It looks dark and menacing in the package, but it goes on sheer. It looks a lot like a lip gloss when it is on. All in all it is cute looking and comes in many colors but it is not great for moisturizing. I would buy it, but don’t expect magical healing powers for your lips.

What You Need To Know About Cheerleading Tryouts

Guess what? Today I tried out for cheerleading! I am warning you now; this part of the post is mostly a story. Skip down to the next paragraph if you are uninterested in my story. I had gone to cheerleading tryouts with my two friends. We had tried out last year, and the cheer had been really easy, so easy that I still remember it to this day. (If you were wondering what the cheer was it is: Ready! Come On! Yell for the best! The falcons are here from EHMS! Go Falcons!). Last year 6th, 7th and 8th grade tried out together. All in all there had been about 120 kids. This year 6th and 7th(That’s me!) tried out together. About 50 kids showed up. This year my Social Studies teacher happened to be the coach this year. 0.O First she had showed us cheerleading positions such as high V, low V and candlesticks. Then she read us the cheer (loudly) and showed us the moves with it. We all did it together with her 10 times at least. The cheer had been pretty long though, and by the time we were suppose to break up and practice with our friends, I had forgotten most of the cheer. I had to ask the coach a couple questions about the cheer in order to have some vague idea about what I was suppose to do. We performed in groups in front of everyone else but we had our backs to them. The groups had 15 kids in them. My friend and I had done it together and it was a wreck. We were the second group so we didn’t see how to do it. The first time we did the cheer the coach yelled out the words with us. The second time we were suppose to do it on our own. Most of us had forgotten the cheer so it looked really “sucky”, even I could tell out of the corner of my eyes. I just kept smiling, made eye contact with the coach (AKA Social Studies teacher) and improvised when I didn’t know the moves. After everyone auditioned she read the numbers for call-backs and me and my friends numbers were called. I was so happy; I wanted to hug everyone who had made the call-back. The coach gave us a sheet where our teachers would  write our grade and what our behavior is. I was hyper with happiness for the next hour.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Always smile, but not a fake looking one, even when you’re not doing a cheer
  • Make your movements sharp
  • Use a strong voice
  • Do not chop up your words by syllable
  • Do not make your mistakes obvious; Quickly recover to the next move
  • Take out any jewelry and put your hair up. They will tell you to anyway
  • Wear gym clothes and sneakers that aren’t too baggy, but not tight
  • Don’t whisper or talk to your friends while the coach is giving instructions or you’ll automatically not make the list

It is also nice to drink some water before so you are hydrated. Bringing a friend who wants to try out as much as you can keep you going and it really helps. Good luck!


Rue 21 etc. Is Open For Business

Today was Black Friday and I happened to go to the mall. It wasn’t as busy as I thought it would be, but I happened to go around 12:00pm. I guess all the major sales were in the early morning. I saw that Rue 21 was finally opened for business so I went inside with my mom and my brothers and dad followed with undefinable looks on their faces. It was a clothing paradise. The clothes looked really cute, not babyish. There was a wide range of clothes from sweater dresses to lacy camis and strapless short dresses. There were plenty of shoes, most of them boots. There were also graphic tees. They even had a line called Tarea which had all of the underwear and lingerie. There was a guys side too, but I didn’t really look around over there. At the dressing room the attendants  that show you to a dressing room labeled Princess, Pop star and stuff of that nature. In the end, I got a graphic tee of Beemo from Adventure Time (My fave show), a lacy blue dress with a thin belt and an orange and white striped sweater dress with a thick belt. When I say belt, I mean the kind that cinch on the waist of your dress, not the kind for your pants. It was kinda awkward for me though, because my mom was looking at the underwear and said, “You want this?”, holding a lacy thong. “No no!” I had shouted. I didn’t want to be branded a slut when I change for gym. And there were a bunch of teenagers around, most of them a lot shorter than me. So imagine a tall 12-year-old African-American looming over a bunch of short, fake blonde teenagers who are glaring at you. Trust me, it’s not fun. It was worth it though, because the clothes are amazing, especially if you are not comfortable with going into Hollister or your parents aren’t OK with it. Rue 21 was definitely a great store. Try to go there the next to you go to the mall. 😀 Remember to comment! I wanna hear my few fans opinions. 😉

How to Make A Christmas Wish List

Since it is the holiday season, I decided it would be nice to have a holiday post! Right after Thanksgiving comes Christmas and we have to think up what we want. Sometimes it isn’t easy narrowing down your Christmas list or even thinking up one. So that is why I am here!

Step 1: Brainstorm every possible thing that you want and need. It doesn’t need to be reasonable and you don’t need to really want it. It helps to look up things on Google.

Step 2: Put stars next to the things you really really want and put dots next to the things you kinda want. Don’t mark anything you don’t want that much. It should now be narrowed down to 10-20 items on the list.

Step 3: Check over what is left of your list and make sure there is no more than two expensive items. Your parents most likely won’t buy anything on your list if almost everything is as expensive as an iPod.

Step 4: Neatly copy your top 10-20 items onto a clean paper. Write a title like _____’s Christmas Wish List. Try to make your paper look pretty, like you spent a lot of time it (which you did).

Now all you have to do is hand it to your parents, stick it to your fridge or something of that nature. It might be better to stick it to the fridge as a constant reminder of what you want instead of giving to your parents, since parents easily lose things or forget about stuff. Good luck! Happy Holidays!

My Life as a 7th Grade Honor Student: Entry 4: What Did I Just Do?

I was shaking with nervous energy during period 7 Honors Pre Algebra. It was Friday and I had just finished a test after a couple mishaps. After I finished the first time, I had sat down. Then the teacher announced, “You didn’t do the whole last page.” I was frozen with shock. No wonder my friends hadn’t finished at the same time as me. “Well  do you want to come and get it to finish or do you want me to mark them all wrong?”, she said. “No no no no no!”, I exclaimed, quickly dragging my feet along to her desk. Everyone in the class was staring at me. Luckily, there are only 11 people in that class. I took my paper and sat down, furiously trying to finish so I wouldn’t miss too much of the lesson. I felt my note, burning a hole in my pocket the whole time. The note was for Jake, my crush, I was going to give it to him after the bell rings. It had said how I really liked him even if he already knew since a rumor about it went around, how I’m sorry for acting so weird around him and that if he doesn’t like me back we can still be friends. After I handed in my work a 2nd time, making sure I finished every problem, I quietly watched the clock. Slowly, the clocks hand read 2:45. Why won’t the dumb bell ring!? I thought, clutching my backpacking and grasping the note. The loud ringing vibrated in my ears as I shakily stood up and stalked out the door. Jake had already gotten to his locker. This is my chance! I thought. I speed walked up to him. He was carrying his backpack and his jacket in his arms. My brain and thoughts went into overdrive, thinking worst possible scenarios as I dropped the note into his arms. “Wha…?”, Jake started to say as he looked up. I had already started sprinting to the staircase. Why had I done that? I should have just calmly walked away. I’m such an idiot! I thought. What did I just do? I guess I have to wait until Tuesday to find out.

The Deal with Accents

If you haven’t realized it yet, everyone has an accent. I came to this realization while watching YouTube. There had been a video when a British chick read something in an American accent. I noticed that it was hard for her to say some words, just because she was used to saying them a certain way all her life. If all us Americans went to Great Britain, they’d be saying “You have such a heavy American accent”. We would all be like “Wha???” and… I think you get the point. It it fun pretending to have a different accent but it is not ok to be making fun of someone with a foreign accent. Think about how pissed off you’d feel if you traveled to a different country and they made fun of your accent and the words you said. I’m not trying to be your mom or anything, but it is totes not fair to make fun of something a person can’t change automatically. That’s all I got to say. Peace. 😀

Embarrassing/Awkward Moments You Should Hope You Never Have

Everyone has those really awkward or embarrassing moments and I decided that I should write them down for the amusement of others and also to help them avoid it since I know I have done alot of things on this list

  • realize you were staring at your crush and he is staring right back at you
  • falling up the stairs like an idiot at school
  • raising your hand to answer a question in class and then completely forget what you were going to say
  • spelling an easy word like goat wrong in a spelling bee
  • remembering your skort is really a skirt when you are riding your bike
  • calling somebody the wrong name when they just told you it
  • notice your being looked at when you get your phone out of your bra
  • forgeting to wear underwear
  • the teacher called your name to get something but you misheard and went up for no reason
  • farting in class
  • you fall out of your seat in class
  • spilling water of the front of your pants
  • getting red paint on your pants
  • your bikini top slides down in the pool
  • walking right into a glass wall
  • crying in public
  • getting seen chasing your naked sibling around the block
  • someone from school seeing you at the mall with your family

As you can see, many mishaps can happen to anyone. Some of them are really hilarious so you start cracking up and some of them you feel really bad for whoever that happened to. But nonetheless, they are really horrible if it happens to you. Comment below and tell me about what the most embarrassing thing that happened to you was.

The Most Awesome Old Cartoon Network Movies

Powerpuff Girls the Movie

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: Underfist

The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy: The Big Boogey Adventure

Ed, Edd, and Eddy: Boo ha ha

Ed, Edd and Eddy: The Big Picture

Powerpuff Girls: Twas the Night Before Christmas

Kids Next Door: Operation Zero

All the old Cartoon Network shows were frickin amazing. Even though the new ones are all right (Adventure Time is my favorite!), the old ones will always have a place in my heart. Right now my brother is watching Underfist and I love when they break into song since it is so random. Especially the one when they are all like, ‘Trick or treater eaters’. That one was beast. (Sorry for my street talk :p) What are some of your all time fave animated movies? I know I got lots that probably  would explode the whole Internet!